Sirco 2030

Based on the Saudi 2030 National Vision, in addition to the SIRCO sense of national and social responsibilities and its full belief that this vision will move the Kingdom to a qualitative leap in all areas. Such vision requires further development in accordance with the goals and aspirations of the country general vision. Therefore, SIRCO will work to be one of the most effective partners in achieving the vision’s goals and will be a national provider of comprehensive security solutions at the local and international levels, according to the following:

Accelerating The Transformation Wheel

As SIRCO continues its development programs, we are accelerating our strategy to drive the transformation through 2030 Vision to make significant progress in developing technology-based security solutions on one hand, and the qualified national human element on the other hand, to meet client needs and deliver the best security, safety and risk management services.

Move towards a Future

In its vision of 2030, SIRCO begins to be a national think tank company with a world-class approach that contributes to security, safety, community service and the development of the homeland by combining elements of security (qualified personnel, modern technology and expertise). To achieve this vision, SIRCO will focus on the following:

1. Integration of security guard services and electronic protection services.

2. Expanding the provision of electronic security and protection services.

3. Development and resettlement of aviation security services and airport protection.

4. Development of mobile patrol services and response groups.

5. Developing train safety and security services and protection of stations.

6. Developing training programs and qualifying Saudi male and female employees.

Key Pillars of 2030 Vision:

SIRCO is transforming its Vision 2030 strategy into clear-cut plans for its long-term objectives. These goals have been divided into short-term achievements (Constancy), medium-term achievements (Growth) and long-term achievements (Transformation).

Short-term Achievements (Constancy)

1. Ensure the stability of the SIRCO Operations Center and maintain quality.

2. Identify and acquire appropriate opportunities for electronic security successfully.

3. Development of Information Technology Programs for the group.

Med-term Achievements (Growth)

SIRCO aims of its med-term (Growth) plan, focusing on the achievements that ensure the rapid growth in security and protection services.

1. Development of mobile security services.

2. Development of electronic security services, remote surveillance and surveillance services.

3. Improve differentiation through highly specialized segments of customers.

4. Expanding safety services and firefighting systems services.

5. Investment and growth in security consulting services and risk management.

Long-term Goals (Transformation)

The SIRCO's long-term objectives are to achieve and make a difference in security and protection services, and to provide future opportunities in line with the developments and general trends of the development plans of the Kingdom and other countries, in such a manner that the national company can be relied upon to reach the maximum security and protection and contribute to the preservation of the Nation gains.

A Key Element in Achieving Sirco's Overall Strategy Objectives

SIRCO will, in accordance with its objectives, attract the appropriate national human elements to ensure that these objectives are met with precision and excellence by providing those who have the necessary scientific and technical qualifications with a focus and interest in continuous training. SIRCO believes that the national human factor is the key to achieving the desired positive results.