Aviation Security


provides integrated security solutions for airports, airlines and other stakeholders by combining advanced technology and national competent staff trained to carry out these tasks and adhering to quality standards, local and international regulations. Sirco's activity in this service is based on the follows:

1- Airports Sevices

SIRCO for Airport offers many services, namely:

- Security screening and detection with the latest specialized security technologies.

- Security checks for passengers, staff and crew.

- Security checks for hand luggage and registered baggage.

- Security inspections of goods, mail and catering supplies.

- Verification of documents.

- Security and protection of gates and restricted area.

- Security and protection of the passengers open area.

- Safety and fire prevention services.

- Control means services (Police Dogs “K9”).

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2- Airlines Services

- Providing all security services related to passengers (typing, security screening of passengers and luggage).

- Aircraft security, protection and inspection.

- security inspection and checks on goods, mail and food catering.

- Verification of official documents.

- Control mean services (Police Dogs “K9”).

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3- Supporting Firms Security Services

SIRCO offers a range of security support services to the airport-related companies, our services in this area includes:

- Security and safety of headquarters and subsidiary offices.

- Entrance and exit control and general site monitoring.

- Inspection of goods and warehouse security.

- Organizing traffic and securing public utilities.

- Securing the security and safety operations of hotels and guest houses.

- Securing remote monitoring operations.

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