The Special Security Services

SIRCO has an integrated system of services and security solutions that meet all the security needs of its clients, where such services are presented by a highly trained administrative, technical and on-site team. In addition to qualified technicians supported by the best means, equipment, security devices and electronic security solutions, to achieve the main objectives of the company with an aim to reach the maximum satisfaction of its clients, where Sirco's activity is based on the following security services and solutions:

1- Guards, Security and Safety Services.

2 - Occasions Security & Safety Services.

3 - Professional Inspection Services.

4 - Retail Stores Services.

5 - Specialized Mobile Security Services.

6 - First Aid & Fire Prevention Services.

7 - Remote Effective Services.

8- Reception & Concierge Services.

9- Sports Facilities Services.

10- Consulting and Risk Analysis Services.

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