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Guard Services

Ensuring security and safety operations of government and private installations, commercial and residential centers...

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Security Systems

One of the main pillars of SIRCO is to provide high quality and reliable equipment and electronic devices...

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Security consulting

This is a supplementary service provided by the SIRCO Security Services Section, it includes: Security risk analysis ...

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Introduction to SIRCO

SIRCO was founded in early 2009 under license issued by the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia, aiming at providing all types of security services, solutions, based on a specific strategy that is managed by professional scientific methodology, and works constantly to build a base of confidence and credibility to achieve greater success and development.

Our Mission:
Is that SIRCO shall be a modern and globally oriented in features and specifications; and shall contribute to security, safety, community service, and development of the country.

Our Vision:
SIRCO shall have administrative, technical and field system that works efficiently and effectively where every employee feels responsible for providing high-quality security services, solutions, to customers.
SIRCO shall have a name characterised by security, trade perspectives that add to the site belongs to it.

Our Values:
    •     Sincerity: is the core of our strategy with our customers.
    •     Innovation: is what we seek through the provision of security services, solutions, and distinctive initiatives.
    •     Proficiency: In our work, we follow the scientific methods, modern technology and global standards.
    •     Perseverance: hard, constant work in all stages of implementation.

Our Ploicy:
SIRCO adopts the principle of total quality in its different operations and services provided in terms of:
    •     Selection of a high scientifically qualified and well-trained work team with sufficient experience to perform successful security concepts.
    •     Development of specific actions for the work to be performed.
    •     Setting norms and standards through which performance evaluation is done through implementation phases.
    •     Poll beneficiaries after implementation to verify the extent of satisfaction with the services provided.
    •     Follow-up evaluation after the end of the implementation to assure quality of work.
    •     Refraining from simultaneous implementation of several projects beyond our operational capabilities and potentials.